• 2 Pounds salted dry-roasted peanuts
  • 4 ounces German’s Sweet Chocolate
  • One 12-ounce package of semisweet chocolate chips (about 2 cups)
  • 2-1/2 pounds white almond bark



  1. Put the peanuts in the bottom of a 4-quart slow cooker. Layer the chocolate over the peanuts, beginning with the sweet chocolate, followed by the chocolate chips and then the almond bark.
  2. Set the temperature on low and cook for three hours. Do not stir the mixture.
  3. After 3 hours, stir the mixture with a wooden spoon until smooth. Drop the candy mixture into cupcake pan liners using about 2 tablespoons per line.
  4. Allow the candy to cool completely before removing the cupcake liners.

Source – Food Network